Dear readers,

It has now been close to 3 years since I started AI Weekly. From an initial group of just a few readers, it has now grown into one of the largest AI-news sources with more than 16,000 readers.

During those 3 years, the AI & ML fields have evolved a lot, and so has the need for curated information to better understand what is going and stay up-to-date. To continue on this mission, AI Weekly is now merging with Essentials, a news platform dedicated to bringing curated and personalized news feeds. This will help make the newsletter even better by sourcing through a larger and wider pool of news & articles.

Expect to see those improvements rolling out in the coming few weeks. Hang on, sit tight and read on :).

David, AI Weekly

Hello to all fellow AI Weekly subscribers.

It's an honor for us at Faveeo Essentials to get in touch with you and join forces with AI Weekly to use our AI-driven engine to help curate the content on this list in the next few months.

Essentials has been built on the principle that there never was so much great content out there, the thing is : it's also harder than ever to find it in the distracting world of social media.

Even for a great curator like David, the task becomes harder by the day.

To solve this, we developed Essentials, an AI that first, identifies and monitors the top experts and curators in any industry and second, highlights the great content that is vetted and hand-picked by these great minds of the industry.

Think of it as a "Best of Social Media Digest", but that is not driven by popularity, but by quality and trust. Our engine curates the curators, to bring to the surface the links and news you don't want to miss.

This offers a deeper curation experience by combining the best of both worlds : highly curated content, while still benefiting from the discovery aspect of social media!

We have at the moment 5 deep-dive topics that we cover (Use cases, Research, Ethics & Robotics, you can test-drive them here!

In the next few weeks we'll also inform you on the transition phase and work together so make sure that you still get the same great value as you had in the past!

Best, Alexis @ Essentials