Introducing Horizons

Hi there!

First off a big thank you for being such a loyal AI Weekly subscriber! It really means a lot that you engage and continue to read our newsletters on a regular basis! I’m emailing you today to let you know that we are releasing access to the same AI engine that allows us to publish our own AI Weekly newsletters.

YOU can now create your own fully-automated, high-quality newsletters on any topic you’d like to follow!!

The back-end product that we are making available to you today, Horizons, is a powerful AI-driven tool that sorts through the massive slog of social media to find relevant and trustworthy content from the top minds of their industry. It filters the web far better than a simple “Alerts” type product.

With just a little input by you (keywords/topics) you can have your own newsletter up and running RIGHT NOW! As a smart and thoughtful reader you should consider trying out Horizons. There is a FREE TRIAL available on our website now and I’d love to hear feedback from you on your experience.

Cheers, Alexis, CEO @ Faveeo (Essentials and Horizons)

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