AI Insights: Keeping Up with the Latest Advances

It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the advances and discoveries made with AI. Applications are varied across many different industries. One of the articles selected for this newsletter, published by Technology Magazine, identifies six key areas where AI will make a difference in 2023 : Predictions and Forecasting ; Risk and insurance ; Sales and marketing ; Defense ; Customer experience & Asset management and investment.

Regarding predictions and forecasting you will find below an article showing how Python and Machine Learning can be used to predict football match winners. In another domain, researchers in Russia have been able to develop a neural prosthesis that uses brain activity to decode speech for individuals with speech impairments.

Generative AI has marked the end of 2022 .We have all been astonished with the potential and accessibility of chat GPT. From Education to content creation or coding the applications are endless. For instance, an article published by Popsci details the potential for Chat GPT in mental health.

We invite you to read our selection of articles on AI and its various applications, and stay informed on the latest advancements in this ever-evolving field.

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