Welcome to the Post-AlphaGo world

In the aftermath of AlphaGo's win against Lee Sedol their have been tons of comments on what this means for our future. The timing may be a coincidence, but South Korea announced a few days later a $860M AI fund. They don't want to miss the AI bandwagon.

What now? The next frontier is said to be complex games such as Starcraft, that come with their own set of huge challenges.

Microsoft has already announced that it will transform Minecraft into a a testing ground for artificial intelligence experiments. Computer scientists and amateurs will be able to evaluate and develop AI software using its virtual landscapes from July.

Interesting times ahead!

In the News

10 YCW16 startups in the AI field

The new batch of startups admitted to the famous Y Combinator accelerator demoed this week. Here are the startups building services related to AI:

  • Nova - AI that writes sales emails
  • DeepGram - A search engine for sound
  • Msg.ai - AI for conversational commerce
  • SendBird - Chat API for mobile apps and websites
  • Cover - Get insurance by taking a photo
  • Chatfuel - Chatbot platform
  • Varden Labs - Self driving shuttles for private campuses
  • Castle.io - Behavior-based security
  • Prompt - Chatbot platform
  • Skymind - Open source deep learning software

Also in the news this week...

  • Google opens a Speech recognition API in limited preview. More
  • The US is continuing to buy up many UK artificial intelligence companies More
  • Google puts Boston Dynamics up for sale in robotics retreat. More
  • Microsoft launched Tay.ai, a chatbot with zero chill


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