In the News

Autonomous cars - Uber launching tests, Google losing out?

  • Is Google's car project losing out to rivals? Analysis by Bloomberg
  • Uber starts testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. More
  • Udacity plans to open-source its self-driving car technology. More
  • Ex-Googler Sebastian Thrun says the going rate for self-driving talent is $10M per person. More

Also in the news this week...

  • Microsoft achieves new milestone in speech recognition. More
  • Google bought in what seems to be an acqui-hire. More


Software tools & code

Videogame engines as a tool for AI research

  • Facebook AI research published a paper on using Starcraft for reinforcement learning. More
  • UnrealCV is a new project to help computer vision researchers build virtual worlds using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). More


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