2022 - Deep diving into AI applied use cases and research that will change our future

When you look around the world today, it seems there is nothing that AI doesn’t touch, with major implications for the economy, society and human evolution. But, it can be challenging to find the intersectionality of AI in these spheres.

More and more, non-traditional players are emerging in the AI space: NGOs, leading sustainability voices and healthcare organisations. How can AI support saving the rain forests, make refugees safer in troubled areas around the world and extend first line healthcare to populations who don’t have it today? Killer robots, AI in warfare and privacy are just some of the bigger ethical and moral questions all of us in the world of AI need to engage with.

For all these burning questions and more, The World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) is a unique and globe spanning event bringing together organizations and individuals to discover the latest AI innovations, the newest trends and to meet renowned scientists, visionaries and rising stars from around the world.

As a business or tech professional in AI, this is the opportunity to discover the latest news and developments in the market through Applied Use Cases. Meet highly sought-after decision makers and business leaders across topics like AI Society, AI Strategy, AI Applications, and AI Technology.

Interested in NLP & Research? Learn how engineers and developers are working on next generation solutions with business, social, health, and marketing applications. Join the world’s most ambitious AI Festival in the world, and understand just how much AI will change our future!

Applied use cases