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This week, I am introducing a new section: the Topic of the week. And since we have had some interesting posts and discussions around Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) this week, I'll start this new section with a deep-dive on RNNs, enjoy!

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In the News

Also in the news this week

  • Stuart Russell expresses his concerns over AI, calling for researchers to look beyond the goal of merely making artificial intelligence more powerful
  • A team at Queen Mary University in the UK has come up with a deep neural network framework that beats humans at sketch recognition
  • Keen software house makes AI that can learn and create a hierarchy of goals
  • Jason Koebler (Vice) wonders if super-intelligent agents would ignore us humans rather than destroying us
  • Some thoughts on the personalization services developed by Nara Logics
  • A new app lets depressed teens chat with celebrities and dead friends


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